What To Avoid While Visiting Costa Rica

Tortuguero National Park Costa Rica

Visiting Costa Rica is awesome and is a dream for many people. You can visit the amazing and pristine beaches, attend annual carnivals, participate in beach parties, enjoy many delicious local cuisines, and many more.

I can talk a lot more about all the things you can do and enjoy in Costa Rica, for 7 days a week. But what about things that you should not do or avoid in Costa Rica? Are there such things? Well, yes obviously, there are things that you should avoid while visiting Costa Rica.

Costa Rica, just like any other country, has some rules that shouldn’t be broken or things that shouldn’t be done to distance yourself from unwanted problems and attention. After all, you want your time in Costa Rica to be memorable in the best way possible.

As long as you don’t do these things, I can guarantee that your time in Costa Rica will the some of the best times in your life; you’re going to enjoy it and probably you’ll want to go back after your time in Costa Rica is over.

Visiting the beach at night

Now here is the thing, beach parties are a common thing in Costa Rica. In fact, it’s one of many things that people enjoy doing in Costa Rica. Listening to music, dancing, and drinking and eating at the same time? Sign me up.

But the thing is that not all beaches are crowded or well-lit at night. Some beaches aren’t supposed to be visited at night, especially for a lone visitor. Some criminals are often using quiet and dark beaches as a cover to rob or attack nighttime beach visitors. Some really bad things, while didn’t often happen, did actually happen at the beach during nighttime.

You can ask the locals if you want more information about the beach that you want to visit. Or even better ask the authorities about it. But the best way to avoid troubles is by not visiting dark and secluded beaches, especially when you’re visiting alone. So, if you see the beach is full of people and well-lit, it’s safe, otherwise, it isn’t safe.

Jaco Beach Sunrise Costa Rica


If you’re visiting Costa Rica and decided to rent a car to drive around in, please remember to not drive too fast. Costa Rica isn’t the safest place to drive at high speed, many roads are narrow and have potholes, sharp curves, slow drivers, unpaved areas, and animals walking or crossing the road.

The point is that you never know what you might find while you are driving. And that can be really dangerous for you and other people and animals. Speaking of animals, you could find sloths, dogs, monkeys, cows, chickens, and other random animals walking on the side of the road or trying to cross it. Please be mindful of them and drive at a reasonable speed.

Besides, driving in Costa Rica gives you the chance to enjoy the scenery. Enjoy your time while going from point A to point B. You will enjoy the country more that way and keep you out of trouble.

Swimming in the river

Okay so this might sound weird, but swimming in the river is dangerous. Why? Because crocodiles love rivers and there are a lot of them in Costa Rica. These crocodiles are huge, and they are good at hiding underwater. The fact that you cannot see them, doesn’t mean they’re not out there. Unless you are an expert at crocodiles, you shouldn’t mess around with them.

If you want to swim, you can do so in the ocean, natural springs, or swimming pools. Much safer and definitely worth the time, considering Costa Rica is one of the best countries to swim in.

Underestimating mosquitoes

Costa Rica has a lot of forests and forests. During the rainy season, you’ll see a lot of mosquitoes. Well actually, it’s not during the rainy season, but there are mosquitoes everywhere all year round. But they are most active during the rainy season. Not to mention that some mosquitoes carry diseases like zika, dengue, and chikungunya.

That being said, if you want to enjoy your time exploring Costa Rica, please don’t forget your mosquito or insect repellant and wear proper attire. For the insect repellant, you’d want something with 20% DEET. But the problem is, it is not widely available in Costa Rica, so you should get it before you fly to Costa Rica. You can choose between wipe, band, spray, or lotion repellant.

As for your attire, make sure to cover your body up. Mosquitoes can bite through many fabrics, except for polyester or nylon. These types of fabrics are strong enough to prevent mosquitoes to bite through and ultimately protecting you from them. Loose clothing is generally the best option here, complete with shoes and socks. As for the colors, choose something that isn’t too bright or too dark.

Disturbing the wildlife

Costa Rica is full of wildlife. Many popular spots in Costa Rica are famous due to the wildlife. Wildlife is probably among the top three lists of the best things in Costa Rica and has been the main reason why Costa Rica is on the list of the best countries to visit.

Unfortunately, with more people visiting Costa Rica, there are also more problems for wildlife in the country. Some animals and ecosystems have been disturbed by some irresponsible and ignorant travelers.

A big crowd of people is already enough to cause problems for certain animals. And unwanted interactions are even more destructive. Please educate yourself first before visiting Costa Rica and restrain yourself from touching or feeding the wildlife.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the wildlife in Costa Rica. Of course, you can, but please do so from a respectful distance. Remember that Costa Rica is home to many animal species and the entire ecosystem is fragile. Let’s do our best to keep the wildlife prosper so everyone can enjoy it forever.


This is really one of the worst things you can do while in Costa Rica. Littering is really destructive for the environment and shows that whoever does it isn’t a responsible person at all. Costa Rica’s main attractions are its nature, wildlife, natural and diverse landscapes, and culture. Littering is like destroying all of these attractions at once.

While in Costa Rica, please try your best to leave only your footprints and don’t take anything more than you need. What I mean is throw your garbage at the garbage bin and don’t take animals, plants, or shells back with you. And, it’s always a good idea to avoid using single-use plastics and be mindful of the environment the whole time you are in Costa Rica.

Neglecting your belongings

Leaving your belongings unattended is just asking for unwanted attention. Please watch your belongings at all times. Theft is common in Costa Rica, in fact, it’s one of the most common crimes in the country. Many tourists got robbed in one way or another.

Whenever you’re relaxing on a beach, in a restaurant, or even in a car, always keep your belongings at an arm’s reach. You should keep important items such as electronics, passports, and wallets secure at all times. Try to only bring items that you really need with you and put the rest in your hotel room. Last but not least, is to avoid shady spots in Costa Rica.

Well, there you have it. These are some of the things that you should always avoid while in Costa Rica. Keep in mind that you should always be aware of your surroundings, belongings, and yourself at all times. Always be considerate of others, wildlife and nature. I can guarantee that as long as you avoid these things, your time in Costa Rica will be great and fun.

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