Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

Sun setting over the Pacific at the surfing town of Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

About Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo is an enchanting town in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica.  Costa Rica is located on the strip of land (isthmus) which connects both the American continents: North America and South America.

Tamarindo is situated on the tropics on the north-western part of the country bordering a stretch of North Pacific Ocean, and thus experiences a moderate tropical climate.

It has an extensive variation in its topography due to the presence of a variety of terrains ranging from beaches to hills and forests.

Although, Costa Rica experiences two climates throughout the year, the dry season ranging from mid-November to April while the green or rainy season from May to the middle of November, Tamarindo experience no alteration in climate throughout the year.

How can you reach Tamarindo

The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose. You can either reach the place by land or through the air. The airport near San Jose is called the Juan Santamaria (SJO) international airport. There is another busy airport called Daniel Oduber Quiros (LIR) which is situated close to Liberia. Tamarindo is about a 1-hour drive from Daniel Oduber Quiros airport.

You can also move to Tamarindo by bus, which takes around 6 to 7 hours. However, the main asset of the bus ride is that it moves through a picturesque landscape and you can get the flair of Costa Rica as a whole. You can also opt for a drive to the place from San Jose.

Best Time to Visit

Although both the dry and green seasons are similar in Tamarindo, visitors fancy the dry season more. The visitors pick for spending their leisure time during the spring break and the high season is considered from December to January.

However, one significant point overlooked by the tourist is that the green season is longer and one can enjoy the vast alteration of weather during this particular season. Thus tourists can opt to visit Tamarindo throughout the year depending on their perspectives.

Apart from the green season being cheaper, the temperature becomes comfortable due to the rain and your privacy is guaranteed due to the lesser number of tourists.

There is a huge expanse of splendid beaches, different wildlife, and lush green rainforests in Tamarindo. If you are an admirer of nature, you can absorb the beautiful sceneries, different variety of trees and animals like jaguars, toucans, and others.

Beach lovers can indulge themselves in experiencing the gorgeous beach under sparkling sun and crystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Alternately, you can visit Tamarindo to get spiritually enriched by following the chanting of pure life (pura vida) by the inhabitants (Ticos) of the place. Amidst the different exciting places within Costa Rica, you should choose the Guanacaste Province.

Things to do

Tamarindo Beach is an international destination for surfing.

Sailing through the sunset

You can enjoy an evening tour or morning tour on a catamaran cruise through the open ocean. You can enjoy the cruise with your friends and families and catch a glimpse of whales, turtles, and dolphins, depending on the season. The cruises are an unforgettable experience so please don’t forget to enjoy it.


Ziplining is a type of canopy tour which you can enjoy in Tamarindo. It is a great thrill and adventure to move through the landscape of Guanacaste. You can feel like a bird soaring through the air.

Diamante Eco Adventure park

This national park is one hour drive from Tamarindo and should not be missed. It is full of adventures like zip-lining for nearly 1 mile and trailing through the forest on horseback. You can also visit the animal sanctuary, and see different types of butterflies in the butterfly observatory. The national park also boasts of a beautiful beach.

Boat ride

Tamarindo village is located within the Marino Las Baulas National Park. Thus Tamarindo has a large estuary and a huge mangrove forest. You can ride through the estuary hiring kayaks and boats. You will come across different animals like crocodiles, monkeys, birds, and other different animals.

Nightlife in Tamarindo

Tamarindo is full of nightlife activities. You can enjoy your drink and gyrate to the tunes of catchy music throughout the night at different bars. Some bars also arrange ladies’ night, so be ready to enjoy. You can also spend your time at the casino at Tamarindo Diria.

Attractive beaches in Guanacaste Province

Local man gallops accross the white sand beach at Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica

Beaches in Costa Rica highly attract tourists. The country is equipped with various beaches with different attractions which are indebted to the long coastline. The following are some of the exciting beaches in and around Tamarindo.


Tamarindo beach

If you are learning to surf as is a starter in surfing, the Tamarindo town is a perfect call for you. Tamarindo Beach is one of the most famous surfing beaches in the country.

The continuous and consistent wave on the beach is a surfer’s delight. You can enroll for surfing lessons in the surf shops and also participate in the surf camps and surf vacations.

The price of a group lesson is around $50 per individual. The training extends for 2 hours. The following are a few surf shops which provide good surfing lessons

Kelly’s, Blue Trailz, Mateo’s, and Banana Surf Club.

Playa Langosta

You can visit the Langosta beach located nearby which is covered with white sand and swim to your heart’s desire. Indulge your taste buds with delicious dinners in the restaurants within the town.

Playa Avellanas

Avellana Beach, Costa Rica

This is considered as one of the attractive beaches in Tamarindo and is a dream beach for surfers. The swelling waves move from the southern and northern direction and move up to a height of 18 feet. The tranquil nature of the beach is another attraction. You can enjoy the soft sand and clean waters. You can visit Lola’s restaurant which is an excellent beach bar.

Playa Grande

This beach is situated to the north of Tamarindo beyond the estuary. The beach shares its borders with the Las Baulas National Marine Park. Thus this beach is the nesting area of the leatherback turtles.

The leatherback turtles are the largest marine turtle in the world and hence their nesting process makes it a privileged site for the visitors. The extra attraction of the beach is to surf or spend your leisure time sunbathing or strolling. You can reach this beach hiring a lancha, and cross the estuary.

Pirate’s Cove

The other name of Pirate’s Cove is Playa Piratas, which is deserted and its solitude environment. Will touch your heart. It is surrounded by small rocky islands which adds beauty to the beach. You can swim to your heart’s desire in the calm waters and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Playa Conchal

Conchal beach is less popular but stunning with minute sea-shells and pink sand. Snorkeling can be done to have a glimpse of the coral reefs. It is known as the pink sand beach of Costa Rica. The beach is lined with lush green palm trees.

Playa Pan de Azucar

This beach is also known as Sugar Beach and is mostly haunted by the local people. The beach is well known for its pristine blue water and crystal white sand. The ambiance is flooded with hooting sounds of monkeys and iguanas while you will be spellbound by the mesmerizing chirping of different birds. If you are lucky you may come across a deer on the beach.


Bamboo Sushi Club

This is an intricately decorated restaurant located within the town of Tamarindo. You can enjoy salads, rice bowls, noodles, dumplings, etc. The place mainly deals with Asian Cuisine. You can have fresh fish which is a delicacy here.

Pangas Beach Club

This place is very popular among both the local people and tourists. You can take pleasure in your food by immersing yourself in the scenery of the Tamarindo estuary. You can enjoy your food in a quiet and calm environment. It provides both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food. The appetizer here is also fabulous.

Seasons by Shlomy

This is an excellent place and you should not miss visiting it. It is located slightly away from the beach where it serves a Mediterranean menu comprising mainly of seafood. You will love the delicious dishes here and carry back the memory of the taste to your home.

Dragonfly bar and grill

If you are craving for Costa Rican food, you should visit the Dragonfly bar and grill for dinner. You can choose from the flavors of Costa Rica and each of the dishes is delicious. The place hoists music bands apart from serving craft beer, cocktail, and wine.

Where to stay

Tamarindo is full of resorts and hotels suitable for each traveler’s budget and choice. You can opt to stay in boutique hotels or low budget hotels. Following are a list of hotels for you to stay:

The Luna Lena Hotel

This is a beautiful hotel with equipped with bungalows and pool. It is located near the beach and you have to walk 3 min to reach the beach. The hotel provides you with free breakfast and the staff is very helpful. You will always get a glimpse of howler monkeys from your hotel room.

Hotel Pasatiempo

This hotel is situated right in the middle of the town and is a good place if you are visiting with your family. There is a large rancho bar area with a huge choice of different drinks. The local bands frequently perform in the very entertaining hotel. Staying in this place makes you feel like you are spending your time in a tropical paradise. 

Tamarindo Backpackers Hostel

If you are looking for a place with a low budget but clean and convenient, then you should opt for this place. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities and are located beside the national park. There is a gorgeous pool,  sun chairs, and hammock to spend your time leisurely within the premises. You have to walk for 4 minutes to reach the beach.

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